Because of Fairbanks…

We wanted to know the impact Fairbanks has made in people’s lives, so we asked staff, patients, family members and the recovery community to finish this sentence: “Because of Fairbanks…”. The final result was incredible.
The creative project came together in a video directed and produced by the talented team at SmallBox, led by their media producer, Mayowa Tomori. The final piece was revealed at the Fairbanks Circle of Hope Dinner on April 28, 2014. The goal of the project was to put a spotlight on people in recovery from addiction and to show how deeply lives can be changed when one person seeks treatment. We wanted to reveal the raw emotion and the joy of recovery – and that is exactly what happened.

To generate interest, a large whiteboard covered in blank Post-it notes was placed in the Fairbanks Recovery Center, so anyone who walked through the doors could participate. When this white board went on display in the lobby of the Fairbanks Recovery Center over a three week time period, we understood that we were asking people for honest views and opinions about their treatment and recovery experiences. The responses we received were diverse and encouraging – from parent comments like, “I am a good mother to my son!” And children writing, “My parents can sleep at night now.” Then there is the person themselves, “I am happy, sober and alive!”

At Fairbanks, we know the disease of addiction impacts an entire family; in fact we are all touched by addiction in some way.So often in the news, we hear stories of tragedy related to substance abuse. What many people do not know, is that although drug and alcohol addiction can be devastating, there is hope for a better life in recovery. Treatment works and recovery is possible!

Check out our video, “Because of Fairbanks…” to see the faces of the lives that have been transformed and the mission of Fairbanks at work.