Amy’s Gratitude List

Fairbanks Alumna Amy has been in long term recovery for 5 years and is thankful for everything she has gained through her sobriety. “I received so much after Fairbanks; my life, my sanity, confidence, relationships with my family and friends and a relationship with God,” Amy said.
To reflect on what she is thankful this year, she put together this gratitude list.

1. Relationship with God and God’s grace.
2. Fairbanks and the program, if it weren’t for both, I wouldn’t be who I am today. They gave my life back and it’s a better life than the one I had before.
3. Relationship with my friends and family
4. I am grateful for my friend Erin who is the best friend I’ve ever known. She’s compassionate and I admire her patience and dedication. She gives her time, advice and makes me laugh! She is a blessing to so many people.
5. The ability to be a good mom to my cat and new puppy.
6. Serving people struggling with addiction, and those in recovery.
7. My car
8. My job because it gives me the opportunity to travel and have a fun life!
9. Happiness; being able to be positive, smile and enjoy every day.
10. Being present in the lives of those I care about

This was Amy’s list, but what is on your list? Remember your gratitude list this year to remind yourself of the many things you can be thankful for this holiday season. A gratitude list is one way to maintain your sobriety during stressful times such as the holidays. For additional holiday recovery tips, visit