The advantage to seeking treatment prior to trial

Those who face charges of public intoxication, possession of a controlled substance or operating a vehicle while under the influence (OWI) frequently receive as a component of their conviction and sentence an order to complete substance abuse evaluation and treatment. In fact, it is so common it is almost guaranteed to be included as part of a sentence.

Rather than viewing treatment for substance abuse or addiction as an aspect of one’s sentence – or punishment – for crime, why not instead embrace it as an affirmative aspect of a solution for your case?

In OWI cases, forward-leaning solutions sometimes includes voluntary participation in rehabilitation programs prior to trial. Done properly and well, taking the lead in such matters can yield tremendous benefits and minimize the adverse impact of a potential conviction while not exposing you to any unnecessary risk.

In the end, one may find that taking the lead in one’s own treatment and recovery will not only yield great personal gains, it may gain considerable value and benefit in the eyes of the court and prosecutor.

This article was written by attorney David Henn, managing partner for Henn Haworth Cummings + Page Law. Visit for more information.