You are worthy, you are loved

June is often a celebratory month with weddings, graduation parties, gay pride parades, and Father’s Day outings. If you are fortunate, the significant milestones in your life are filled with the loving support of friends and family members. Not everyone, however, receives compassionate care during major life events. External sources—including close family members, in-laws, church […]

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Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

‘The Police Aren’t Just Getting You In Trouble. They Actually Care.’

In 2015, police in towns across eastern Massachusetts began to embrace a new way to respond to a public health crisis with a rapidly escalating death toll. That spring, the exasperated police chief in the fishing town of Gloucester, Mass., announced that anyone who showed up at the police station and asked for help overcoming […]

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The play "Angels in America" (shown here in a production at the University of Arkansas) helped humanize the AIDS epidemic. We need to do the same thing for addiction. COURTESY UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS

‘Angels in America’ again: It’s time to humanize addiction

One of the most sought-after tickets on Broadway these days is “Angels in America,” a revival of Tony Kushner’s seminal play about the AIDS crisis and its aftermath. While only a few of us will be fortunate enough to see the show in person, everyone can benefit from the following insight: When the play originally […]

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Woody Wethington

Story of Recovery – Woody Wethington

Woody Wethington doesn’t remember the accident. He does remember details leading up to it. An electrician by trade, Wethington was working on location at a big-box store under construction in the summer of 2009 in Lebanon, Ind. The site wasn’t wired for electricity yet. A crew pouring concrete had been there earlier that day. They […]

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