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Fairbanks is one of the oldest independent treatment centers in America and with 70 years of experience, we remain dedicated to our mission as the experts in addictions, focused on recovery. Fairbanks is a not for profit alcohol and drug treatment center that men, women, young adults, adolescents and their families who struggle with addiction from the Midwest and around the country. Our approach includes addressing the emotional, developmental, physical, psychological, family and social factors that each person faces. If the disorders are treated separately, the risk of relapse is exceedingly high. Therefore, we provide the support and resources individuals need to achieve life-long recovery.

Our addictions experts are available for interviews and presentations on a variety of topics related to substance abuse, drug trends and addiction treatment. Please contact Jan Stanich to arrange an interview.

Media Contact

Jan Stanich
Fairbanks Marketing Director
317-572-9354 | jstanich@fairbankscd.org



Darrin Mangiacarne, DO, MPH, CPE
Medical Director

Robin Parsons, MS, LMHC, LCAC, CTRS, ADS
Chief Clinical Officer

Rachelle Gardner, MA, LCAC
Chief Operating Officer of Hope Academy