Monthly Archives: July 2018

Documentary Filmmaker Brings Recovery Out of Hiding

This July, Greg Williams celebrated 17 years of sobriety. If you had told him 17 years ago that he was not only going to stop using drugs and alcohol but become a leading advocate on addiction treatment and recovery, he would’ve thought you crazy. “I didn’t wake up one morning and say, ‘I’ve had a long career at this. Time to get sobe...

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Columbine Survivor Shares Recovery Story

In Austin Eubanks’ mind, addiction was something that was never supposed to happen to him. The chief operations officer for Foundry Treatment Center in Colorado served as the keynote speaker for day one of the 2018 Susan Li Conference hosted by Fairbanks and Hope Academy. Eubanks had good parents, no familial history of addiction and spent part o...

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Story of recovery – Georgia and Kathy Wynne

As the newest addition to the Hope Academy staff, Georgia Wynne is coming full circle with her understanding of recovery and how it has impacted her life. Georgia serves as the school’s recovery coach, using her experience in working a 12 Step recovery program, connection to a great recovery community and celebrating over two years of sobriety to...

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