Tyrone's Story

Getting Inspiration from Others: Living the Value of Hope

Growing up, drugs and alcohol were always a part of Tyrone’s life. He recalls taking his first drink at the age of six and was exposed to drugs and alcohol regularly throughout his childhood. However, Tyrone describes his childhood as “pretty normal” despite this exposure to drugs and alcohol.

“I grew up in a Christian home, went to church and had a paper route.” said Tyrone.

Tyrone’s struggle with drugs and alcohol led him to drop out of high school prior to graduation. Eventually, Tyrone went back to school and graduated.

He continued this pattern of taking one step towards success while maintaining a drug and alcohol using lifestyle as he gained a well paying job.

“To me, a good job and using drugs meant you were untouchable.” remarked Tyrone.

Through a series of jobs, a divorce and several moves that were meant to leave his troubles behind him, his instability finally made him realize that he might have a problem with addiction, but at the time, he did not know how to get help.

In 1992, Tyrone’s brother realized that he too had a problem with addiction and told Tyrone that he was going to a place called Fairbanks for treatment and recovery. At first, Tyrone was apprehensive and continued to use alcohol and drugs, but in 1993 he decided to come to Fairbanks as well.

“I watched my brother change and realized I was addicted to drugs and alcohol also and I wanted to change. He really helped me see that there was hope.” said Tyrone.

Although Tyrone struggled with the concept of sobriety and honesty for several years he has now been sober for three years and has a new outlook on life.

“I changed my attitude and actions and realized that I have to be honest with myself,” said Tyrone.
“It begins with me and it ends with me and I have to be responsible for my decisions. My life today is better than it’s ever been.”