Meetings at Fairbanks

At Fairbanks, we believe a close connection to the recovery community is a vital part of the recovery process. For this reason, we offer space to groups that support this process. Below you will find a schedule of meetings held at Fairbanks.

A New Vision, AA Meeting 12 p.m. RC #150 (open)
Bob White Inst’l Mtg. of AA 8 p.m. RC #129 (open)
Al-Anon Meeting 7 p.m. RC #158 (open)
Beginners Al-Anon Meeting 7 p.m. RC #128 (open)
Family Recovery Management 6 p.m. RC #128  (open) (18 years and older only)
Smart Recovery 6 p.m. RC #139  (open)
Yoga 12-Step Recovery 6:30 p.m. RC #108 Serenity Room  (open)
Women’s AA Meeting 6:30 p.m. RC #242 (open)
Adult Children of Alcoholics 6:30 p.m. RC #158  (open)
Nar-Anon Meeting 7 p.m. RC #157 (open)
Parent Support Group 7:30 p.m. RC #158 (open)
Noon AA Meeting 12 p.m. RC #158 (open)
Heroin Anonymous 6 p.m. RC #128/158 (open)
Friday Night Fun (Fellowship) 7 p.m. RC Lobby (open)
Overeaters Anonymous 7 p.m. RC #108 Serenity Room (open) (1st Friday newcomers focus mtg)
Codependents Anonymous 7 p.m. RC #219 (open)
NA Meeting 8 p.m. RC #128/158 (open)
Men’s AA 12-step Meeting 7:30 a.m. RC #128/158 (open)
Adult Children of Alcoholics 8 a.m. RC #150 (open)
Gamblers Anonymous 9 a.m. RC #139 (open)
Adult Children of Alcoholics 9 a.m. RC #158 (open)
Al-Anon Literature Study Meeting 10:30 a.m. RC #108 (open)
New Beginnings AA Meeting 8 p.m. RC #128/158 (open)
AA Meeting 9:30 a.m. RC #128/158 (open)
Compulsive Eaters Anonymous 4 p.m. RC #108 Serenity Room (1st & 3rd Sunday of each month)
Adult Children of Alcoholics 5:30 p.m. RC #150 (open)
CA Meeting 7 p.m. RC #128/158 (open)