Addiction Publications from Fairbanks Professionals

Fairbanks publications include educational white papers and abstracts along with tools designed to help those working to effectively manage addiction. The abstract is free, and available in a downloadable PDF format; other publications are available for a nominal fee.

90 in 90: A Tool for Recovery

Recovery is a life long process. As with other chronic diseases, like diabetes or hypertension, chemical dependency does not have a definitive cure but can be effectively managed through combinations of treatment and the ongoing use of recovery tools, support, and life skills.

90 in 90 is a tool that was designed to help those with dependencies focus on recovery and stay clean and sober.

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Neurobehavioral-Developmental Behavior Address and Care, A Child and Adolescent White Paper

Written by Sigurd H. and Debra L. Zielke, Neurobehavioral-Developmental Behavior (NBD) is a grounded, empirical and theory-informed strategy for building civil, competent and moral children and youth in America. Unlike traditional behavior management strategies and programs that teach adults how to get kids to “behave,” the NBD is an interactive, open-system, theory-in-use strategy created to enable practitioners to incisively read kids’ behavior and then respond in differentiated and formative ways.

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