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Addiction Recovery Programs At Fairbanks

At Fairbanks, we understand the challenges facing you and your family. Struggling with alcohol and drug abuse and addiction can leave most individuals feeling like their life is out of control.

At Fairbanks, you will find the individualized, confidential and professional treatment you need. Our expert staff is dedicated to serving men, women, young adults, adolescents and families who struggle with the disease of addiction. Our treatment and recovery management programming can provide the tools you need to get your life back.

Many people who seek treatment for substance use disorders often have other mental health conditions. We understand how substance use disorders and mental health issues impact people and those who care for them. Fairbanks is committed to delivering the highest quality care and utilizing the best evidence-based practices to help those who struggle with substance use disorders and mental health issues.

Our approach includes addressing the emotional, developmental, physical, psychological, family and social factors that each person faces. If the disorders are treated separately, the risk of relapse is exceedingly high.

With a treatment program at Fairbanks that is tailored to meet your individual needs, you will receive the support and resources you need to achieve life-long recovery.

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