Frank's Story

Staying Honest, Staying Connected Means Sobriety

Frank was the All American teenager. He missed only one day of high school, always made the honor roll, played varsity basketball and was president of his senior class. From high school his success only continued as he earned a scholarship to play basketball at Youngstown State University. He obtained his Associates degree, Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree. From the outside his life looked perfect.

“Even though I was successful in everything I did, it was never enough,” commented Frank. “There was always a void."

During these years Frank used drugs and alcohol recreationally, but did not believe that it was a problem because he was able to accomplish all of his goals. He played professional basketball, got married, started a family and then became very successful in a sales career. As his success in his career escalated, so did his drug use.

“For the first time in my life my drug use became out of control,” said Frank. “I became manipulative, dishonest and deceptive with my employer and my family.”

When Frank lost everything he knew he needed to get help.

“For me rock bottom isn’t a place, it’s a feeling,” added Frank.

Frank chose recovery on September 13, 1996 when he came to Fairbanks. Although he had attempted sobriety many other times, this time he wanted it for good.

“Fairbanks had my best interest,” said Frank. “Everyone at Fairbanks helped me get honest and cut through the denial to see who I really was.”

According to Frank one of the ways he stays sober is through volunteering at Fairbanks with the adolescents. For him, it is how he gives back.

“Life today is 180 degrees different from what it was when I was using,” said Frank. “It’s not what I have, it’s how I feel.”