David's Story

Giving Up Control: Living the Value of Serenity

“I never thought I was hurting anyone but myself. I was hurting my family, and I couldn’t lose them. I also needed to help myself,” said David.

When David began misusing prescription medications, he was married with two sons. His addiction began to destroy his health and his family.

“I would go from doctor to doctor trying to get the pills. I had six back surgeries, so I would use my back pain as an excuse to get more medication,” said David. “I would tell them my pain level was high, even if it wasn’t, so that they would continue to prescribe the medications.”

“My wife gave me plenty of warnings that things needed to change, but that didn’t stop me. She finally divorced me, and things really got bad. At one point all the different prescription medicines destroyed my stomach. I had to have surgery to correct the damage. Even though I was so sick from my use, I convinced myself that the surgery fixed the problem which meant I could take more pills.”

David was growing tired of his use of prescription medications and thought he could stop whenever he was ready. He attempted to go to a few 12-step meetings, but was unable to quit using the prescription medicines. When his youngest son told him that he could not come around the family if he was going to continue to abuse substances, David made a choice that would change his life forever. He sought treatment at Fairbanks.

“I remember Dr. Tim Kelly told me to get in the backseat and let my recovery program drive me, and I’ve been doing that ever since,” said David. “Now, I’ve got my family back. I’ve found peace, I’m happy, healthy and I am complete. I have a sense of peace and serenity that I’ve never had in my entire life.”

David is now an active volunteer at Fairbanks. He was the recipient of the 2008 Volunteer of the Year award. He works hard to assist other individuals and families understand that there is hope and that the impact of recovery is real and powerful.