Signs & Symptoms

  1. Have friends or family suggested you cut back on your drinking?
  2. Is drinking/using drugs creating problems at work or school?
  3. Feeling confused, angry and helpless?


Adolescent Programs


Your Future Begins… Here — Adolescent Recovery Programs

“I have a good relationship with my family and I’ve made real friends through the programs at Fairbanks… friends who are always there for me.”


Exploration and discovery during a young person’s life is both exciting and vital. Exploration helps us to understand who we are, and who we want to become. It offers a glimpse of our potential, and can put us on the path to fulfilling our dreams.

Unfortunately, that same exploration may lead to tobacco, alcohol or other drug abuse and addiction, and a future of dependency and struggle.

Since 1982, the highly-trained professionals at Fairbanks have helped thousands of adolescents and their families get their life back through a comprehensive and current approach to adolescent addiction treatment and recovery that includes:


Alumni Spotlight: Lora

“Between God, my family, work, school and the fellowship of recovery, I have a really normal life.”

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